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Program running from Jan 2nd - April 22nd 2018

mandarin seeds

A full immersion 45 minute Mandarin and music class. A caretaker is required to stay with the child at all times inside the classroom. Teachers use only Mandarin in class to present our playful and lively curriculum. Curricula consist of Mandarin Seeds' original songs with fun topics such as the Zoo, Trains, and the Supermarket! Children will also each take home a CD of all the songs cover in the semester. Teachers are native Mandarin speakers. Children learn Mandarin songs while exploring instruments, learning rhythms, moving their bodies, and listening to stories. Background in Mandarin is not required.

Requirements: parent/caregiver required 0-3 yrs



$450.00 · red apple members
$450.00 · green apple members
$450.00 · non-members

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mandarin seeds

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