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Program running from Sept 9th - Jan 4th 2020

songs for seeds BIG KIDS

We are excited to announce the launch of a NEW curriculum - songs for seeds: BIG KIDS. What is songs for seeds BIG KIDS? It is the same super fun (and educational) songs for seeds class structure. It is taught by the same awesomely talented songs for seeds band. It is enjoyed by the same awesomely talented kids – they’re just a little older these days (3-6 years old). songs for seeds BIG KIDS uses the structure of the songs for seeds curriculum – but changes 4 sections of class to meet the developmental milestones of this slightly older age group. Learn the days of the week (through song of course) and play a rhyming game with us. Join our drum circle and use visual math to practice counting. Rock out to our new tunes by your favorite band! We are excited to keep growing with your little seeds!

Requirements: parent/caregiver required


available spots left: 2


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songs for seeds BIG KIDS