what are the benefits of building an apple seeds branded playroom in my building?

  • Enhance your building's amenity package by including a version of New York City's premier indoor playground.
  • Help attract young families to your building.
  • Playrooms can be offered to your residents for free or at a monthly access fee in order to generate incremental revenue.

how much space do I need to build a playroom?

We can design playrooms ranging in size from 500sf to 2500sf.

what is included in the playroom / partnership?

You provide a white box and we'll provide a full scale playroom.  Based upon the size of the room, apple seeds will customize a layout specific to each building.  Choose from a collection of permanent, museum-quality exhibits - exact replicas of the exhibits found at the apple seeds locations in Chelsea and on the Upper West Side.  All apple seeds playground exhibits are custom designed, built by hand and stained in a branded color palette.  They are museum quality exhibits that promote repeated interactive play and are intended to foster child development.  All exhibits are designed for heavy traffic and durability.  Due to the exceptional quality of the pieces they also allow for easy upkeep and maintenance. We also provide all toys, props, seating, apple seeds branding and graphic painting.  Cleaning services are provided if requested.  Finally, we will help you co-market your property.

do you only build playrooms for new developments?

No.  We have also converted bike rooms, storage rooms and tired former playrooms into apple seeds playrooms.

how much does an apple seeds branded playroom cost?

Pricing varies greatly due to the specific size of each room and the corresponding number of exhibits that are required or requested.  Please email business@appleseedsplay.com to discuss your specific playroom.

who do I speak with to discuss the options in greater detail?

Please send an email to business@appleseedsplay.com including the location of your building and the approximate size of your playroom and we'll be in touch right away.