why songs for seeds?

In 2010, only one year after its launch, songs for seeds was voted “Best Music Program” by New York Magazine.  songs for seeds is brought to you by apple seeds, the award winning indoor children’s play space located in New York City. We started apple seeds because we saw a need and wanted to make a positive impact in our community and to create a true work/life balance for our families.  In franchising songs for seeds we are creating the same opportunity for others.  With songs for seeds you have the opportunity to own your own business with affordable start up costs, enrich the lives of the children, and create a professional future for yourself based on your desire to grow your own business.

who are we looking for in a franchisee?

A songs for seeds franchise applicant should love kids and music…probably in that order.  A business background, entrepreneurial drive and a commitment to success are also needed.  You will be joining a team of business owners that are all working toward a common goal – to grow songs for seeds domestically and internationally.  That does not mean you need past experience running a children’s music program.  The four founders of songs for seeds come from various professional fields.  Although none of us had created an indoor play space/music program in the past, our skills from our years spent on Wall Street, in advertising, in sports and child development, in television and in teaching were all transferable.  In fact, our diverse backgrounds enabled us to create the exact type of indoor play facility (apple seeds), corporate environment, classes and programs like songs for seeds that we had been searching for as parents and business owners.  Management skills and experience, as well as a passion for customer service (i.e. the kids and the adults who take care of them), will serve you very well in owning a songs for seeds franchise.

do i need a degree in early education to own a songs for seeds franchise?

It is great if you went to school for early education but it is certainly not necessary, nor will it make you a qualified and successful songs for seeds franchisee.  The skills needed are a passion for kids, music and the desire to own your own business.

When you become a songs for seeds franchisee you are given all the tools (equipment, curriculum, props, training, policies and procedures and a very accessible parent company) to open and run a successful children’s music business.  We make sure we are on the same page in terms of philosophy and programming.  Our in-depth, on-site training program takes you through all the details of running songs for seeds as well as fully immerses you in the actual minutiae of the class.  You will leave training singing the coolest kids rock songs you ever heard.  songs for seeds provides ongoing training for new employees and refresher courses for veterans.

where do i hold classes?

Each franchise has a single location that serves as a classroom, a storage space for your instruments and equipment, and an office address.  This location may be leased or owned, or it may be a space in a school or other building that the franchisee has a contractual right to use for certain specified hours each week.  You choose your location and we approve if it is appropriate for songs for seeds classes.  Although this space will be your songs for seeds address, your musicians may perform at other locations for parties and events for your customers.

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