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your investment

The initial franchise fee is $45,000.

The total initial investment ranges from $88,700 to $111,100.

The ongoing royalty is 7% of sales.


what we provide

EVERYTHING!  songs for seeds provides all (yes ALL!) materials needed for you to open and run a songs for seeds location.  Read on for all the glorious details...


band’s instruments

The instruments and related hardware and gear that your band/teachers will need.  This includes an acoustic guitar, a branded drum kit, keyboard, microphones, public address system, stands, cables and plugs.


roadie box

This storage unit on wheels houses the following:
The toy instruments for the kids to use to play along with the band.  All props used during class (scarves, magic tricks, magnets, prop animals, bubbles, cleaning solution, back up batteries, etc).  The Instrument of the Day which the band introduces to the class (different) each week.  Attached to it are the animal wheel, magnetic walls and class branding.



Scripted, age-appropriate class curriculum including music, lyrics and chord changes as well as instructions for magic tricks and picture a song designs.  Scripted, age-appropriate birthday party/event curriculum including music, lyrics and chord charts.


training and support

One copy of the Operations Manual (loaned to you as long as you are a franchise owner), as revised periodically, including all bulletins, supplements, ancillary manuals and training videos.

Comprehensive one week training program for the franchisee and full band at apple seeds NYC.  You will learn everything from how to execute the curriculum, hiring and training your team, advertising and marketing, software instruction, health and safety procedures and birthday party/event training.

songs for seeds proprietary software and link to songs for seeds website.  This is the administrative software for your business.  It allows for e-commerce, building schedules, tracking rosters, attendance, make-ups, etc. Your location will also be included in a drop-down menu of songs for seeds national and international locations on the main songs for seeds website with a link to your customized website/scheduler.


Click here to learn about the program and other FAQs.